This ClearSummit project came about after we worked on apps for several museums. We saw that there was a huge overlap in features, and decided to create a one-size-fits-most, turnkey app that could get museums up and running on their own custom app quickly.

We started by defining user personas and writing user stories, keeping in mind that a universal application needed to be able to do a lot of things for a lot of people. We made sure to streamline the features so that users who wanted to dig deeper into information were able to, but those who wanted a more superficial experience didn’t feel bogged down.

We wanted neutral branding, with an interface that got out of the way of the content - we knew that the museums’ content needed to be front and center in the user’s experience. The designs made room for visual imagery to be selected by the member museums, and allowed them to maintain their own branding within the Musea app.

We used our working knowledge of user-friendly backend systems to make the app intuitive for the museum employees who might not be the most tech-savvy. During interviews with museum personnel, we came to the realization that the people in charge of putting together new educational projects were often very time-constrained as well. We developed an easy drag-and-drop interface for the backend with a lot of visual components so that the administrators would be able to put the app together in just a few hours.

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