For clients who don’t have a full product plan or detailed vision, but know they want to move forward toward their goal of creating their application, we offer a discovery engagement. We meet in person or via web conference for a half-day of brainstorming, education, and discussion, and then iterate for 1-2 weeks to design a creative solution to your problem.


We deliver a technical product planning document, style guide, clickable wireframe prototype, and budget. The planning document is broken into 2-3 versions, where we identify the lowest cost version that will meet your goals, all the way through the version you will need to hit your mid-term goals. If you’re building Snapchat, we’ll tell you what it costs to your proof of concept vs what you’ll need for the version with a million users.

Next Steps

Clients are able to get what they need to share with investors and add to their deck without the commitment of a full service engagement. With our discovery packages we offer credit toward development services for those who want to take the next step.

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